Q]Broth vs. Solid Culture

Hyunmin Kim vurk at hymail.hanyang.ac.kr
Mon Jun 29 20:19:35 EST 1998

     I made some recombinants which have Kanamycin resistance gene.
For the screening,
    I incubate the recombinant in Kanamycin(25ug/ml) Solid media.
     --> After a day, I found 10 colonies are grown.
     --> These 10 colonies are incubated in Kanamycin(25ug/ml) Broth.
     --> After a day, I found 2 colonies are grown.

 In brief,
                10 colonies are grown on Kanamycin Solid media(25ug/ml)
   But Only 2 colonies are grown in Kanamycin Broth media(25ug/ml)

         8 colonies out of 10 can Not grown in Broth, even at the same
antibiotic concentration.

         Could you tell me the reason why ?

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