ways to get around self activation in yeast 2 hybrid...

Rafael Maldonado rmaldonado at jamon.ua.es
Mon Jun 29 12:01:10 EST 1998

Sai Iyer wrote:
> i should mention that i dont have
> any candidate clones yet; so switching BDs and ADs is also not an option
> (yet)...thanks

I guess you could try to truncate your protein, to advoid the activation
activity but keeping the most possible of the protein for not missing
possible interaction regions. Also, you could construct a new library in
the BD vector. A third possibility is, if you have some information on
your protein, to chose a mutant such that has no activation activity;
you should try several mutants to verify this. 

Also, I guess moving to the lexA interaction trap system won´t help too
much, becaused it uses the same activation system based in GAL; but may
be is not a difficult shot.


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