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================== No Risky Contracts! ===================
 This is unlike ALL the other computer "deals" out there
 that promise you a "free" computer when, in reality,
 you're expected to take out a BIG RISK Finance Loan!
 (Ad-Max International, Online Exchange, Ericson, etc.)
================== No Risky Financing! ===================

You Can Qualify Much Faster With Our Small & Simple Matrix! 

 We're unlike those other companies that require you to 
 build a HUGE DOWNLINE MATRIX before you finally qualify 
 for your computer system or commission. Here's a quick
 comparison between ours (Ad-Net) and the other companies: 

=PCs4ALL: 3x5 matrix = 363 people required in downline 
=MegaBytes: 2x6 matrix = 126 people required in downline 
=Ad-Net Regular: 2x4 matrix = Only 30 people to qualify! 
=Ad-Net Accelerator: 2x3 matrix = Only 14 people to qualify!

 Now you can own a New Top-of-the-Line 233 MMX <fast!>
 Pentium 4.33GB Multi-Media Computer System, FULLY-LOADED 
 for $99 or $199 ONE-TIME!! (Enroll 3 & Yours is FREE!)

  * And when we say ONE-TIME we mean ONE-TIME! * 

$$$ No Risky Contracts! No Financing Needed! No Loans! $$$

           No Monthly Payment - EVER!
           No Finance Burdens - EVER!
           No Risky Contracts - EVER!

YOU GET A Referral Program! Earn a BIG Residual Income!
YOU GET A Free Attractive Personal Replicated Web Site!
YOU GET A Personal Fax-On-Demand and Voice Mail System!

=============== FREE GROUP BONUSES! ================

= Internet Marketing Tips! Internet Marketing Tools! 
= Free Access to Our Secret Online Marketing Weapon! 
= Online Computer Source Downline Viewing! 
= Communicate With Your Downline Online 24/hours! 
= Proven Marketing Plans! (Online/Offline) 
= Weekly Updates and Group Support!
= List of Hundreds of Online Free Classifieds! 
= List of Hundreds of Sales-Pulling Ezines! 
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= How to Submit to 100's of Classifieds FAST! 
= Direct/Commercial Email Plan For the Novice! 
= Best Search Engine Secret Discussion List! 

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