two hybrids for tubulin interactions

Thomas Duchaine duchaint at
Sun Mar 1 12:53:09 EST 1998

Hello everybody.
I've been asking wether somebody in here already used the yeast
two-hybrid system to detect interactions between a protein of interest
and cytoskeletal tubulin. For evident reasons there should be problems
for the protein to segregate inside the nucleus and be able to report
the interaction. Do the nuclear localization signal fusioned to the
tubulin can overwhelm the insertion inside microtubules of the yeast
cell? In one word; does it work? And if not, is there alternative ways
to demonstrate the in vivo association of a protein with cytoskeleton
instead of a confocal
Thanks for your concern...

Thomas Duchaîne
Étudiant au doctorat
Biologie Moléculaire, Dépt. Biochimie.
Université de Montréal
duchaint at

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