Throw gloves after handling EtBr?

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Mon Mar 2 10:36:27 EST 1998

Frederik Boernke wrote:

> Bubby wrote:
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> > ... Because I
> > > > don't throw them after and I even sometimes handle the gels with my bare
> > > > hands though I wash them with soap immediately after.
> > >
> > > > So do you people throw your gloves after handling EtBr?
> >
> > Sounds like a good way to get cancer or have a deformed child to me
> Hi all,
> my lab mate just told me that EtBr formerly was used to treat malaria
> and it was given orally! Ever heard of this?
> Ricky

They used to feed plutonium to cancer patients too.  That doesn't mean it is
agood idea.The stuff intercollates into your DNA, if it gets there.  That is
enough to scare me.  I would wear gloves if I were you. AND UV face mask. Its not

hard, and just think of the stuff that gets onto the door handles and onto people

who don't know they should wash before they touch their pencil that they usually
chew the end of.

Good Luck,

PS. This should have gone here in the first place sorry for any incovienience.

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