Purification of end labelled oligo probes?

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Mon Mar 2 19:43:53 EST 1998

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	Fred Bloggs <Fred.Bloggs at hri.ac.uk> wrote:

>Is it worth trying to purify small (20bp) end labelled probes?  I have had a problem with high
background so I would like to purify the probes.  I have tried ethanol precipitation but that
was not very good. 
>Any ideas?

 Dear Fred:

Freie, B. and S. Larsen. 1991. Oligonucleotide Purification in Milligram Quantities.
BioTechniques, Vol 10. No. 4, pp. 420-422.

Just scale it down, i.e. use a smaller cartridge. We have employed this method for years and it
works beautifully. We use Sep-paks.

Best Regards,
Mike MacDonell, Ph.D.
Chief Scientific Officer
Ransom Hill Bioscience, Inc.

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