shelf life of dNTPs at -20°C

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Mon Mar 2 03:29:10 EST 1998

A similar question came up 2 or 3 years back on this froup.  It was about
freeze/thawing of oligos.

If you've got 18.3 grade water and you've worked under clean conditions, I can
think of no reason that oligos should go off - unless they've been
freeze-thawed.  They then tend to self-anneal and fold and do all sorts of
weird stuff.   The way to get them working again - and you might try this - is
to heat them to 95 - 99 C for a minute or three, then snap-chill on ice.

If your 4 yo aliquots have not been contaminated and have not been repeatedly
freeze-thawed, they should be fine.  I've used oligos that must have been 6
years old.

Sebastian Bunka wrote:
> Michael Vagell <mv at> wrote:
> > Does anyone know how long deoxynucleotides (dNTPs) can be stored at -20°
> > Celcius? I have some aliquots of deoxynucleotides that have been kept at
> > -20° C for four years. Are they still usable, or should I get some new ones?

> I have some oligos stored diluted (50 pM/ul) and undiluted. They're from
> january 1993 and still work. Other oligos beeing stored diluted that are

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