Hot Start Wax Beads

Alastair Hamilton ah8 at
Tue Mar 3 17:49:09 EST 1998

Hi Duncan
Yes indeed! - I can confirm that trying to pipette molten wax accurately 
is a shortcut to mental illness.  Even using a balance I've never 
achieved better than +/-2% whereas Perkin Elmer's pellets are almost 
spot on: better than +/- 0.3% I guess that's what we're paying for.
I really don't know if it needs to be this accurate: I went to all this 
fuss because I was running RAPD's which can be quite sensitive to the 
total volume in the tube.  I've found +/- 2% is close enough to give me 
reproducible RAPD's so probably someone running a more forgiving PCR 
could afford to be less meticulous.
Also I imagine PE's is purer than most: I got mine from the histology lab 
next door -  it's the paraffin wax they embed tissue samples in for 
cutting sections.  I've always heated it to 110C for an hour to get rid 
of any volatiles, no doubt that will still leave a few things that
could conceivably affect a PCR, but thus far I've had no problems.


Alastair Hamilton
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On Wed, 25 Feb 1998, Dr. Duncan Clark wrote:

> Hi Alastair,
> What is the source of Wax you use. I tried the odd one in the past but
> the problem was getting reproducible sized pellets even with an
> autopipettor. Weighing may be the only answer.
> Rergard
> Duncan 
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> The problem with being on the cutting edge is that you occasionally get 
> sliced from time to time....
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