Autoclaved MOPS: is it supposed to be yellow?

J. Hendriks hendrikb at
Tue Mar 3 14:31:19 EST 1998

Brett Burkholder wrote: <34F77D55.64D0 at>...
>I'm trying to set up an RNA gel for a Northern blot.
>The protocol I'm using, Current Protocols in Molecular Biology 4.9.1
>-4.9.8, gives the recipe for MOPS buffer (10X: 0.4 M MOPS, 0.1 M Sodium
>Acetate, 0.01 M EDTA).
>I made the solution, added DEPC to treat for remaining RNases, then
>autoclaved it.  Now my MOPS buffer is yellow, so I'm wondering if
>something is wrong.
>Is this the correct way to make the buffer, or should I be making it
>with water which has previously been treated with DEPC and autoclaved?
>Brett Burkholder

Nothing is wrong. MOPS-buffer is indead turning yellow during autoclaving of
the solution.

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