Q: Transfection control plasmid

rebecca rebsilver at usa.net
Tue Mar 3 08:43:22 EST 1998

Hi Wolfgang,
I vote for option #1.
I have had trouble with read-through before.
And you don't know what the truncated product will turn into.
It could louse everything up.

PS. Did you know that most new servers will automatically reject any incoming
message which is over 40 kb?  (And some of them will actually return it to you,
causing you a ton of trouble if you arent ready for it??). I hate junk mail too,
but you might want to think of sending a series of smaller messages if you want to
spam back. Even more importantly, it may be illegal to Spam even in self defense.
It is like the laws against booby trapping your house to keep thieves away.  (This
is from my hubby who is a Dilbert Clone ;-)

Wolfgang Schechinger wrote:

> Hi all,
> What would you recommend as better control plasmid
> 1) the vector without insert

> 2) a mutation with the same sequence but a deletion of one base
> right after the ATG (so the message is transcribed, but translation
> soon will be terminated due to running into a stop) - I wouldn't have
> to prepare it, just got this one accidentally. #:-(((
> What's your opinion on that?
> Wolfgang
> -------
> !Junk mail is *not* appreciated!
> SPAMs will be answered automatically by sending my 128MByte virtual memory file.
> This is *NO* joke.

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