Detoxification of Etbr

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Wed Mar 4 15:24:27 EST 1998

Frederik Boernke <boernke at> wrote:
> Etbr seems to be somehow "subject of the week". So here is another
> point: How do dump your Etbr gels? Just by throwing them in the bin
> or do you autoclave in order to destroy the Etbr? 

At least around here EtBr waste is picked up by the chemical safety
officer of the university. I have no idea how he disposes the stuff.

Autoclaving EtBr is generally a bad idea. In the lab where I worked
previously, a person had an allergy against bromide. She almost died
when somebody put some EtBr-contaminated material in the autoclav.
(I did not witness this, but it was related to me by the head of the
lab. After that incident, it was strictly forbidden to autoclave EtBr-
containing material.)


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