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Thu Mar 5 05:29:30 EST 1998

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> I am having smiling problem with seq.gell. Does anyone know what could
> be causing the problem?


there is several reasons that I know of among them :

1) heat problems, the heat is not even in your gel 
   if you are using a home made apparatus try with a sheet of alluminium
that you clamp on your gel in order to even the heat.
   if not try to lower the intensity/voltage

2) your glass plates are not flat/the gel is not of the same width everywhere
   change your plates
   watch for the clamps, if you clamp your plates when you pour the gel
they might press to hard on the glass plates bending them : clamp on the
spacers not on the glass

This would be the first one I would look for.

Hope this help,  florent

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