His-tagged proteins

Dr Dave Parcej parcej at biophys.mpg.de
Fri Mar 6 08:56:30 EST 1998

Sometimes His tagged proteins will aggregate if there are trace amounts
of, for example, zinc in the solution. If you havent done this already,
try adding EDTA to your buffers.
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In article <mbzrl-060398115348 at pmbfjd0.nottingham.ac.uk>,
mbzrl at mbn1.biochem.nottingham.ac.uk (Rob) wrote:

> Hi
> Has anyone experienced his-tagged proteins apparently 'disappearing' on
> FPLC gel filtration columns (eg Superose 6 or 12 columns). I assume they're
> coming out of solution, but it's happened now for the last 2 his-tagged
> proteins I've tried to purify but doesn't happen for the GST-tagged
> equivalents.... Very strange!
> Thanks in advance
> Rob

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