Horizontal gene transfer

Joseph C. Bagshaw jbagshaw at wpi.edu
Sat Mar 7 16:42:44 EST 1998

Horizontal gene transfer refers to the transfer of genes or other DNA
sequences by non-Mendelian mechanisms across species, genera or even
greater phylogentic distances.  A classic example is leghemoglobin, a gene
very closely related to globin genes, but found only in leguminous
plants.  There are other examples, such as histone genes in sea urchins,
and Drosophila genes in lepidoptera.  The supposition is that these genes
were transferred by some sort of vector, probably a virus, but there realy
is no good evidence on the transport mechanism.

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On 5 Mar 1998, Benan Dincturk wrote:

> Will somebody give a gooddefinition of horizontal gene transfer? Thanks.
> benan

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