Q: 3'UTR sequence programs

bradley turner turner at SPRCORE.BIDMC.HARVARD.EDU
Sat Mar 7 22:16:57 EST 1998

Hi Jonas,

You may want to try the UTR database at web site URL:
A description about this database was recently published:
"UTRdb: a specialized database of 5'- and 3'-untranslated regions
of eukaryotic mRNAs"
G. Pesole, S. Liuni, G. Grillo and C. Saccone
Nucleic Acids Research 26(1)192-195, 1998 Jan

When I tried it back it January it wasn't completely up and running,
but they were allowing you to download their database and search it on
your local machine.  I don't know what its status is now.

Hope this helps,
Brad Turner

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