UK supplier of microwave ovens.

Vincent Mulholland mulholl at
Mon Mar 9 06:39:32 EST 1998

This may be a little off-subject for this newsgroup, but I couldn't 
think of where else to post this request for help.

The lab microwave has died and needs to be replaced. It was an 
old-style oven with quite a tall internal space. I want to get a new 
one with similar dimensions, but the only ones I see in shops are up 
to 22 centimetres tall. I would like a microwave of at least 26 cm 
internal height. I know that you can get commercial microwaves of 
that dimension, but there is a ten-fold price difference over 
domestic ovens. Basically, I'm too mean to pay 1,000 pounds for a 
commercial oven.

Does anyone know of a UK supplier of microwave ovens who could meet 
my needs from their current range, and at a reasonable price?


Vincent Mulholland,
Diagnostics & Molecular Biology Section,
Scottish Agricultural Science Agency.

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