Help: genomic DNA refused to be cut

Mathieu Ingouff mathieu.ingouff at
Tue Mar 10 11:26:34 EST 1998

Dear Li,

I have just tried a protocol (NAR, 1997, vol 25, no 25) that seems to be
universal as they said : Wheat, Barley, Shrimps, Eucalyptus...
you may want to kill another crab to try it?
In my case it works for spruce.


>Hi all,
>I`m looking for help to make my genomic DNA cut with restriction enzymes.
>I`m working on crab genomic DNA which seems determined not be cut with any
>enzymes. I asked help before in this newsgroup and I got some respond.
>This is the list of protocols I tried:
>*Extra phenol and chloroform extractions
>*Different protocols using CTAB then phenol/chloroform
>*Guanidine thiocyanate extraction(the same buffer as used for RNA but
>using PH8 phenol instead)
>*Dialysis against TE buffer for 72 hours, changing buffer 3 times
>Many thanks for you friends who sent me all this protocols.
>Pity me, I still can`t cut my dear crab DNA although 5 crabs sacrificed.
>I don`t want kill any crab for that purpose anymore. So if there is anyone
>who got a reliable method, Please, Please let me know. Or there will be
>other guys keep trying to make it work. This means more crabs will be
>forced  diving into hot water...
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