? alternative for Pharmacia silanes ?

Richard P. Grant spam.blocked at delete.this.cmtech.co.uk
Tue Mar 10 03:14:56 EST 1998

Zbigniew Rudzki wrote:
> Does anyone know any alternatives for Pharmacia Biotech silanes available in
> Europe ?:
> - Bind-Silane (A-174) used to make PAGE glass plate sticky,

Oooh - do you really do that?

> - Repel-Silane, used to prevent gel adhesion to the glass plate.

I used to use Sigmacote, not cheap but you don't need much - just put a
pin-prick in the plastic cap, shake it (like vinegar on chips (-: ) and wipe
with a soft tissue.  Worked fine for the big sequencing gels.  (And yes, it's
from Sigma (; ) 


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