Cloning cDNA directly from PCR products

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Tue Mar 10 14:44:19 EST 1998

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> > Hello,
> > 
> > I'd like to clone several PCR fragments into plasmid vector. Their size
> is
> > ranging from 200 to 700 pb.
> > Is it possible to use them for ligation after a step of purification (
> > PCIH, CI) and precipitation then digestion with the restriction enzyme,
> >* without electrophorezing them on agarose gel.*

Nipped and tucked and edited for emphasis

If you don't separate the digestion bits from that which you wish to
clone, you're going to have background probs unless you have a probe that
will allow you to screen by colony hyb.I'd take the extra couple of hours
to perhaps save myself several extra days.

> >

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