Microsatellite amplification - parasite bands

Pawe³ Golik pawel at ibb.waw.pl.NOSPAM
Thu Mar 12 08:14:35 EST 1998

Dear colleagues
	I'm setting up a PCR based microsatellite polymorphism test for a
project in population genetics. I'm getting good amplification and
detection (I'm labelling the PCR products with 32P dATP added to the
dNTP mix). However I observe many shadow bands due to the polymerase
slipping. Sometimes they interfere with allele assignemnt so I'd be
grateful for any advice on how to get rid of them (or at least make them
less prominent). I know these bands are always a problem with
microsatellites, but maybe tehre is something that can help (play with
PCR conditions, concentrations?) Any suggestions welcome.
				Pawel Golik
				Dept. of Genetics
				Warsaw University

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