Muristerone A

Heinz J. Schaefers schaefers at
Thu Mar 12 15:07:53 EST 1998


Grant Stewart wrote:

> I've been using the Ecdysone -Inducible system for gene expression
> supplied by Invitrogen.  However, they now claim not to be able to supply
> the inducing ecdysone analogue, Muristerone A - therefore making the
> system redundant.
> Has anyone an idea if this is as dead-end as it sounds?  Any other suppliers?

we are in the same situation; Invitrogen put our Muristerone order on backorder
with unknown shipment date (at least it seems they try to ship it, but when is
the question).Since Muristerone A is also listed in the SIGMA 1998 catalogue, we
tried to get it from them: no luck either: "this product is no longer sold by
If anyone knows another supplier for Muristerone A, please let us know.


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