JT's Restarants - Excellent Undervauled Investment Opportunity

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Fri Mar 13 00:17:39 EST 1998

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>Recently we wrote you to tell about an excellent investment opportunity 
>in JT's Restaurants (OTC BB: JTSR).  Since our last message was sent 
>JTSR has risen in value over 40% (from Feb 17, 1998 to March 6, 1998).  
>This is just the beginning.  This is still a ground floor opportunity.  
>Analysts predict that stock could reach $5.00 in the very near future.  
>If you would like more information about this exciting investment 
>opportunity please visit our web site at http://www.jtsr-stock.com or 
>call 1-888-295-6365 for complete information.
>The contents of this message have been provided for the review of 
>potential investors only and does not constitute an offering of 

 Not only can't you spell restaurant or undervalued, but I can't help wonder what the University
of Oregon, whence this message originated, might think of this use of public resources.

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