Where to find silica particles

James habgood rabc010 at S1.CXWMS.AC.UK
Fri Mar 13 07:56:10 EST 1998

Sigma-Aldrich Co.
You can prepare silica yourself or buy the kit.
-resuspend silica in 2volume of water and stir for 1hr
-Allow to settle for 90 min.
-Take supernatant and pellet at 6000rpm/10 min, GSA rotor.
-Resuspend pellet in 200-300 ml dH2O.
-Add nitric acid to 50% and bring close to boiling in hood.
-Wash silica 5-6 times with dH2O pelleting at 6000/10min as before.
-make 50% slurry and store.

Good luck.


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