degenerate oligo PCR

J. Casey Lippmeier jcasey at
Fri Mar 13 14:19:26 EST 1998


          A few weeks ago someone on this gruop posted a well written
list of some of his/her observations on how to conduct successful PCRs
using degenerate oligos.  I printed it and promptly lost it.  One
specific observation that I can remember concerned the use of
degenerate oligos at a mass larger than what's normally used by a
factor of it's degeneracy (ie. if using a degenerate oligo with a
degeneracy of 64 and one normally uses 10 nmol of primer one should
now use 640 nmol of degenerate primer).  There were a number of other
useful suggestions in this posting that I would like to consider, but
obviously can't yet.  If anyone saved this post please forward it to
this email address (gene1 at  Is this newsgroup archived
anywhere?  Any information on this would be useful as well (excuse my
ignorance on the archiving issue, I haven't had this kind of need


-J. Casey Lippmeier

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