How to remove Sigmacote from glass plate?

Karl Fischer tyr-2 at
Sat Mar 14 03:40:11 EST 1998

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> Dear all,
>             I would like to remove the sigmacote (repel silane) from the
> outer glass plate for sequencing DNA.  What is the procedure?  Is 0.5M
> NaOH solution enough for doing that?
> Thank you very much
> Wilson


One procedure I've come across involves soaking your plate in 1M NaOH
overnight followed by a good rinse/wash.Usually I do this every 25-30
sequencing runs.

The second procedure is to apply 5% KOH dissolved in 100% methanol to the
glass surface with a KimWipe with a bit of elbow grease and then wash
extensively with ddwater.


Karl the hepB guy

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