GFP or luciferase as marker for gene transfer???

John R. Thompson jrt at
Sat Mar 14 11:02:33 EST 1998

Look at Beta-Lactamase. Aurora Biosciences has fluorescent substrates
and claim very high sensitivity 

John Thompson
Merck & Co.

GcR <gcr at> wrote:

>Hello Netters,
>I recently have set up a synthetic (virus free) shuttle system for gene
>transfer into haematopoetic cells. Now I want to test its efficiency and
>am considering using a plasmid expressing either the Green Fluorescent
>Protein (GFP) or luciferase protein. Has anyone has tips on which system
>would bet better (more sensitive???) and where to obtain them? So far
>the GFP system seems more appealing since there is no need for a
>substrate, however I've heared that internal quenching of the sisnal can
>be quite strong and hence it gets lost in the background fluoresence of
>the cell. At present we have access to a FACS, but I haven't found a
>luminometer yet! Is the latter really necessary or can you measure
>luciferase another way?
>Thanks very much for any tips you want to share ...
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