Yeast and GFP

John R. Thompson jrt at
Sat Mar 14 10:46:40 EST 1998

You don't give many details.  What instrument and filter sets are you
using? What media and growth conditions?  Which promoter are you
using?  Describe your GFP variant.  Is it codon-optimized for yeast or

Using fluoroscein filters I've seen a significant amount of
fluorescence in the spent medium (synthetic complete) from control
(non-GFP expressing) cells.  Thus, washed cells show the
GFP-associated fluorescence better.

John Thompson
Merck & Co.

Paula <ssteinh at> wrote:

>Hello all,
>Does anybody know, why in my yeast there is no fluorescence in my
>GFP-transformed yeast. I have used the strain UCC3505 and transformed
>with pYX242 EcoRI, XbaI inserted pEGFP-N1.
>Any suggestions ?

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