GFP or luciferase as marker for gene transfer???

Eugene ronlab at
Sun Mar 15 15:58:33 EST 1998

Hi, Gert!

    I would suggest that you base your choice of marker depending on the
information that you want to obtain. It is harder (but not impossible) to
precisely measure GFP fluorescence, yet from FACS profiles you can see not
only how strong is the fluorescence of transgenic cell relative to the
control, but also how variable it is among transgenic cells and what fraction
of them fails to express this marker. traditional luciferase assay will not
give you this information.
 For us, GFP proved extremely useful in comparing organization of
transcriptional units in retroviral vectors. It is, however, less sensitive
then enzymatic assays. Also, for enzymatic assays consider the cost of the
substrates and whether the assay itself is stressful for your cells.

Eugene Kandel.
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