Sequencing gels -bubbles

Robert M. Mihalek mihalek at
Tue Mar 17 13:26:16 EST 1998

With dirty plates, you have to be concerned with getting the gel off
the plates and onto the 3MM paper once you're done running the it. In
other words, cleaning the plates not only serves to reduce bubble
formation, but also makes it easier to get the gel off in one piece.

I never had much trouble with bubbles. Make sure you pour the
acrylamide mix in with the plates tilted, so that you fill up one
corner first and then slowly tilt the plates back upright as you're
filling. De-gas your solutions, and use you knuckle to hit the plate
wherever a bubble develops (don't be afraid to hit it hard).

Also, I ended up just pouring the acrylamide mix right out of the
beaker into the gel mold. I originally tried transfering the mix to a
syringe and then squirting th emix out of the syringe. Turned out that
pouring it right out of the beaker worked fine.

Good Luck and may your gels not smile at you! 

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