DNA fragments extraction with NaI

James habgood rabc010 at S1.CXWMS.AC.UK
Wed Mar 18 07:35:59 EST 1998

You will nedd silica powder in addition to NaI soln. Prepare NaI soln as
- Dissolve 100g NaI and 2g Na2SO3 in 100 ml TE.
- Preapare silica powder as mentioned in Newsgroup (Re:Where to find
silica particles).
- Dissolve agarose in NaI(1g agarose/2-3ml NaI) at  55oC/15 min by
mixing occasionally.
- Add 1ul silica/1ug DNA and incubate 5-10 min on ice. Spin to pellet
and wash 2-3
times with washing buffer  (100mM NaCl, TE and 50% ETOH).
- Elute DNA in water by incubating silica/DNA complex at 55oC/10 min.

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