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Dom Spinella wrote:
> > Hi, all,
> >
> > Is electronic tansformation superior to the caliculum chlorid one? Is the
> > latter is enough for the most comman precedures? Thanks for any reply.
> >
> > chen linan
> Chen:
> I presume you are asking about the relative transformation efficiency of
> electroporation vs. chemical transformation of competent bacteria.  In
> my opinion, the current generation of commercially available
> ultra-competent cells gives superior transformation efficiency to
> electroporation.  However, if you are planning to make your own
> compeptent cells, you will probably do better with electroporation.
> Just my opinion, and I'll be curious to see what other respondents say.
> --Dom Spinella


we never use electrocompetent cells for routine applications, such as
subcloning and stuff. They usually give us efficiencies around 10e7/ug
DNA which is, in my opinion, sufficient for most purposes. I only use
eloctrocompetent cells when transforming plasmids isolated from yeasts.
Chemically competent cells gave never any transformants in this case,
while electrocompetent ones always work fine.



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