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Allan Strand astrand at
Thu Mar 19 10:16:40 EST 1998

Hi all,

I've moved to a new job and I'm in the situation where I need to
consider digital gel documentation options.  Since money is an object,
I plan to assemble my own.  At my previous institution I set up a
system based upon a macintosh where I used a Scion LG-3 framegrabber,
COHU (can't remember the model) camera, and NIH Image as the
software. This system worked well and I'd be satisfied by replicating

I'm wondering, however, if people have been using the new generation
of digital cameras to set up home grown gel doc systems.  I noticed
that Kodak is selling a system based upon their DC-120 camera.
Anybody have experience with this system?  Anybody built their own?

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