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The other two very good alternatives are Hitachi's MacDNAsis package with
ScanDNAsis (does gel scanning, automated sequence reading from scanned
gels) and Geneworks (Intelligenetics).  They both have demo's that can run
but not print or save.  We have LaserGene from DNA-Star, it is good but the
components are not well integrated enough (unlike the MacDNAsis and
Geneworks).  DNAsis can also do secondary structure predictions that is not
possible with the others (as far as I know).  I have no affiliation with
the above companies.

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> DNASTAR has a program called LaserGene and it is very nice and simple.
> Peter
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> > We have a bit of grant money to spend and are considering either upgrading
> > our MacVector program or possibly buying different software.  Does anyone
> > have suggestions for other (Mac) sequence analysis programs that they use
> > and are happy with?  We need capability to do sequence alignments, primer
> > design, translation to protein, protein analysis and database searching. 
> > Thanks for any suggestions.
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