dual luciferase assay

Markus Mueller markus.stefan.mueller at uni-konstanz.de
Fri Mar 20 09:54:02 EST 1998

Hi all,

I´m going to perform some reporter gen assays with Promegas Luciferase
assay. Therefor I have got some questions to be answered. If anybody
could help  I would be glad to get some helpful mails.

First, which is the best transfection method to transfekt SV80 lung

For an internal standard I intend to take advantage from the dual
luciferase system. There are vectors with encoded renilla luciferase
available under control of HSV-TK, CMV and SV40 promoters. The TK is a
relatively weak one, CMV and V40 are much more stronger. Which is the
best to use for standardazation?

Thank you very much!

Yours, sincerely

M. Mueller

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