DNA binding by GAL4-fusion proteins

Kannan Thiru kannan_thiru at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 20 11:53:03 EST 1998


Does someone know the sequence of the GAL4 DNA-binding element (UAS-G)
that could be used for gel-shift analysis.

I am doing structure/function analysis of a tissue-specific
transcription factor by deletion analysis using GAL4-DNA binding domain
fusions.  In order to show that the GAL4-fusion proteins are actually
made in transfected cells, I am planning to do a gel-shift assay, using
nuclear extracts from transfected cells and the GAL4 DNA-binding element
(annealed and labeled synthetic oligos) as probe.

Would someone be able to tell me the sequence I could use, and the
optimum binding conditions.   I would appreciate an early response.

P.S.  I have difficulty in seeing the proteins on a western blot
(probably due to low level of expression).   Since the gel-shift
analysis is more sensitive, I would like to try it.  Further, the
gel-shift assay will not only indicate whether the proteins are made,
but also show whether they can bind to the DNA.


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