Tallest Sunflower Contest

Vladimir Svetlov svetlov at oncology.wisc.edu
Sun Mar 22 23:17:34 EST 1998

In article <cbingmanEq3w6D.2LF at netcom.com>, cbingman at netcom.com (Craig
Bingman) wrote:

Why do you, farmboys, crosspost this balderdash to
Don't know bout them sunfloverz but you are surely up for "Da dumbest
crossposter of da month" contest.

 > >Does anybody know if there are any tallest sunflower contests this year.
 > >
 > >It doesn't matter where on the world the contests are held.
 > >Please mail me if you know such a contest. I would like to know where
 > >the contest is held, what prizes the give away and how I could contact
 > >the people that organize them.
 > >
 > >Thanks very much,
 > >
> >Pieter Heijms
> >
> >The Netherlands
> Pieter,
> The tallest sunflowers always grow in Kansas, the sunflower state.
> Jayhwak Craig

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