Allele-specific PCR - Am I working too hard?

Andy Law Andy.Law at
Mon Mar 23 08:12:14 EST 1998

Please someone help me. I fear for my sanity.

Last week, I'm sure I read a thread in one of the bionet.* newsgroups (I'm
pretty sure it would have been this one) about problems with
allele-specific PCR. The problem was that using the primers for allele A on
an individual homozygous for allele B still resulted in an amplification
product. There was an initial question, a couple of replies and a summary.

I told a colleague about it, but when he went to read the thread, he
couldn't find it. When I checked back, I couldn't find it either, even
after restoring my Newswatcher log files from backup tape and doing a
thousand and one other things to try to jog my memory as to the thread
subject line. To this date, I am unable to find the relevant articles using
DejaNews or any other search tool.

Please someone tell me I didn't hallucinate the whole thing.


Andy Law
( Andy.Law at )
( Big Nose in Edinburgh )

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