Bryan L. Ford fordb at
Thu Mar 26 01:49:49 EST 1998

bartoszewski wrote:
> I have to buy thermo-cycler for our lab (we have about 8500$).
> I don't know which one cycler to choose:
> PCR Express (Hybaid), PE9700 (Perkin Elmer) or  MJ-PTC200 (MJResearch).
> Any comments , suggestions ....

Do not neglect to look at the Stratagene Robocyclers, especially the
gradient block machines. We have two, one regular 40 well and one
gradient 96. We have had little or no trouble over a total of about 9
machine years. The robotic mechanism is very robust. The gradient is
very handy when setting up new conditions. These machines do require
that you modify the times in your programs since timing of residence at
a particular temperature begins at the time the tubes insert into that
particular block. Programs run faster than almost all other machines,
since only the tubes and their contents cycle in temperature. You should
be able to get one with all optional features for less than your $8500.  

(I am only a customer of Stratagene.)


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