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> We have a bit of grant money to spend and are considering either upgrading
> our MacVector program or possibly buying different software.  Does anyone
> have suggestions for other (Mac) sequence analysis programs that they use
> and are happy with?  We need capability to do sequence alignments, primer
> design, translation to protein, protein analysis and database searching. 
> Thanks for any suggestions.
> Deb Britt
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> Deborah Britt, Ph.D.
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> Rhode Island Hospital

Many of us are still happy with DNA Strider, which is faster than any
commercial package I have ever seen. It is of course limited in features.

The good news is that Christian Marck Emailed many of us recently asking
for opinions on an updated version.  You might want to stick with what you
have until Strider 2 is available.

For true *seqencing projects* nothing compares to Genecodes "Sequencher"
Which is mac based (NT coming) and is a wonderful complement to Strider

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