metabolic labeling of proteins in e.coli...

Sai Iyer siyer at
Thu Mar 26 13:08:05 EST 1998

hi all,

	i was wondering how one would go about metabolic labeling recombinant
fusion proteins in e.coli.  the idea is the same as any other metabolic
labeling protocols commonly done in tissue culture, but has to apply to
e.coli.  the big question is the availability of media components
lacking, say methionine and/or cysteine in media such as tryptone and
yeast extract (for use in LB type media) and supplementing the missing
amino acids with the radiolabeled methionine/cysteine (S35 isotope). 
does anyone know of such protocols...any thoughts  or ideas would be

Sai Iyer (siyer at
Pre-doctoral fellow i.e lowly graduate student
Dept. of Biological Chemistry
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

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