DNA Extraction from CSF

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> Hi
> I'm looking for a method to extract DNA from CSF. Specifically, I need
> to extract meningococci from a very bloody lysed CSF specimen. I'm
> concerned at the number of PCR inhibitors that will be present. The
> specimen is very precious, so I won't be able to play around with many
> extraction methods. Any ideas?
> -- 
> Jenny Williams


We use the QIAamp blood kit (from Qiagen) for cytomegalovirus detection in
CSF. We process 200 µl of CSF as starting material, resuspend the
extracted DNA in 80 µl of water and use 10 µl of extract per 50 µl of PCR.
I have no personal experience with bloody CSF, so I do not know if there
could be a problem in your case; however, as the kit is designed to
extract whole blood, I assume that it should not be a problem.

Jean-Marc Ladriere

Jean-Marc Ladriere
Lambdatech S.A.

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