DNA Extraction from CSF

Ulrich Maier maier_hml at muenster.netsurf.de
Mon Mar 30 04:34:03 EST 1998

Jenny Williams <Jenova at microbes.demon.co.uk> wrote:

>I'm looking for a method to extract DNA from CSF. Specifically, I need
>to extract meningococci from a very bloody lysed CSF specimen. I'm
>concerned at the number of PCR inhibitors that will be present. The
>specimen is very precious, so I won't be able to play around with many
>extraction methods. Any ideas?
>Jenny Williams


First: If you only want to do diagnostics, it should be no problem to
cultivate the meningococci on agar.

To your problem: I´m using the QIAamp Viral RNA Kit for all
extractions of microbial or viral RNA or DNA from CSF. Main advantage
is the carrier tRNA and the fast protocol. Should work even with
meningococci in a bloody specimen. Nevertheless, check the extacted
DNA for PCR inhibitors.

Other possibility: Use the QIAamp Blood or Tissue Kit. Start with the
digestion of 200µl CSF with kit-buffer AL and proteinase K.

Hope this helps,

U. Maier

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