COS Transfections - DEAE or Lipofectin?

delios97 at delios97 at
Tue Mar 31 21:20:42 EST 1998

"delios97" is a Post-doc at Cornell with NO association to Life
Technologies, just a bone to pick with Boehringer!

On 31 Mar 1998 17:06:07 GMT, chrisb at (Chris Boyd) wrote:

>delios97 at wrote:
>: I tried Fugene6 and got nothing on my COS7 cells.  So we decided to
>: try Life Technologies Lipofectamine plus.  We got ~95-98%!!, and whats
>: more our stable transfections we enhanced as well, ~5% higher stably
>: transfected cells. This stuff is great. I would NEVER waste my time or
>: money with Fugene6.  
>: On Thu, 26 Mar 1998 17:47:09 -0800, Ed Castro
>: <ecastro at> wrote:
>: >I tried Fugene6 (Boehringer) and got about 90-95% transfection
>: >efficiency in COS7.
>: >
>: >EC
>So who are we to believe, Ed Castro of the Medical School at UCLA who
>got Fugene6 to work, or "delios97" at an unnamed institution (which for
>all we know might not be a million miles away from Life Technologies)
>who didn't?
>Virtually all transfection reagents work well with COS7 cells in our
>lab, including Fugene and Lipofectamine.  Most problems can be traced
>to poor quality DNA.
>Best wishes,

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