Estimating the Mwt of a large protein

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> Dear Netters:
>         A graduate student in our laboratory is trying to isolate a
> gene encoding a very large protein. He has made antibodies to a
> bacterially-expressed partial protein and reacted them against an
> SDS-PAGE resolved crude extract containing the native protein. The
> antibodies appear to react with a protein of ~350kDa (you've got to pity
> the poor guy). Unfortunately, the largest size standard we can find is
> ~200kDa which greatly reduces our ability to accurately estimate the
> true sixe of this protein. Does any one know where we could obtain size
> standards in this range? Or alternatively, know of another method to
> esimate the size of this protein with reasonable accuracy?
>         Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
> Mark
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You can blot for a hmw-protein like ATM (350 k), DNA-PK (450 K) etc. on a
strip of your blot. Just go through the catalogs for an adequate
Hope this helps,

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