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Stephan <S.H at> wrote:
> In article <DcyoGEA6+sX1EwUP at>, "Dr. Duncan Clark"
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>> I've been a user of this newsgroup for a few years but there is an
>> increasing intolerance towards new subscribers. If the question being
>> asked by a new user appears to be too simple then a reply getting close
>> to a 'flame' is posted. 
> It's really a shame. I agree with you and with the rest of your post.


> I really feel ashamed. I know that sooner or later I could have to ask to
> all of you a simple question. And I'm really afraid to think that my
> question, probaly will be ridiculized to the point that I'll get no
> valuable answer from this newsgroup.
> If this was the case, I could have no personal argument to defend the
> existance of this newsgrousp. If this was the case, to my opinion, this
> newsgroup could be abolished without any pain for any of us.

The most valuable thing that you can have on Usenet is a newsreader that
supports killfiles. It generally saves you a lot of adrenaline/epinephrine
because it filters out postings according to From: or Subject: lines that
you don't want to see. If you get this list by mail, try to switch to
news. If you don't know what I am talking about, try to find a computer-
competent person at your place who most certainly will help you with the

Generally speaking, I guess with increasing time on Usenet the probability
that somebody will flame you (justified or not) approaches 1 rather quickly.
Sometimes flames are justified, although they could be written in a more
polite manner; sometimes they are just a waste of time. In the latter case,
simply put the respective user in your killfile and ignore him. Don't be
too sensitive to flames: people tend to be quite rude on Usenet (much more
than in "real life").

For new subscribers: try to find the FAQ (a list of Frequently Asked
Questions, with answers) first (sorry, I don't have an URL handy). It may
annoy old-timers if you post something which is covered there. If you are
not satisfied with the answer given in the FAQ (or your question is not
covered at all), don't hesitate to post.


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