Cannot resolubilize genomic DNA Gunnaporn Veeracha

Geoffrey Kidd gkidd at
Mon Nov 2 12:13:46 EST 1998

I had this problem once, when I first tried isolating genomic DNA.  It was impossible to re-dissolve.  As a final act of mad vengence, I even tried soniccation, but that failed as well.  I suspect that unfortunately you'll have to toss it and start over.  As
Reinhard said above, in the future don't over-dry it.  It is possible to overdry even without lyophilization; air drying can do it too.  Hope this helps.

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Gunnaporn - Veerachato wrote:

> Dear all
>      I have extracted genomic DNA from white blood cells by using DNAzol BD kit (Gibco BRL). However, I cannot resolubilize my genomic DNA with 8mM NaOH although keeping at 4C for overnight or 37C for half a day. Could you please help me solve the problem?
> Thanks in advance.
> Gunnaporn  Veerachato
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