Bar resistant Screen

Mon Nov 2 04:46:55 EST 1998

Dear Netters:
I like to know who have the experiences in Screen the Bar resistant in
rice and wheat. I just want to develop the trangenic rice and wheat,
using Bar gene as the marker. When I get the transgenic seed, I
germinate these seeds in bar medium. I find at first 5-7days,  some
seedling grow OK, look green, some are yellow and die. But after while,
these green seedlings go yellow and die gradually. I check the papers,
most workers just spray the Basta on seedling and not on germinate
medium. so I wonder if Basta has strong the residual toxicity that will
kill even the resistant plants if maintain in long time? I am eager to
know any suggestion.
Sincerely yours
Dr Q. H. Ma
Institute of Botany, Academia Sinica
Beijing 100093, China

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