help about equilibrate phenol

Yang Sheng shengyang at USA.NET
Tue Nov 3 01:12:01 EST 1998

At 98-11-2 18:51:00, you wrote:
> How to equilibrate phenol to a PH>7.8?
>    We have equilibrate phenol for one week with Tris.Cl(1M,PH8.0),
>but the PH of penol phase is still under 7.0  and much phenol lose.
>            thank you for help 


We eguiliabrate phenol:

1. remelt distilled phenol in 65C water bath
2. Add 1 volume Tris buffer (1mol/L, pH8.0), stir
3. Add solid tris and stir to adjust pH until reach 8 (appoximatly 1g tris/100ml phenol) 
4. get the phenol phase for use

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