Refrigerated Microfuge

Michael T. MacDonell, Ph.D. visla at
Mon Nov 2 17:43:52 EST 1998

Dear Yoonsuk Park:

I have an alternative suggestion, if you are interested.  We purchased
a refrigerated microfuge from Heraeus.  It is called a Heraeus Biofuge
Fresco.  Catalog number 75005515.  We talked them down to $2000 total
for a "demo" model (the list price is around $3000).  It is excellent.
Since then we bought a second one.  It is very well made and it hasn't
given us ANY problems at all.  Their telephone number (on the side of
the microfuge) is 800-HERAEUS.  You might want to consider it, since
you could buy two of them from Eppendorf prices.

Best Regards,

We purchased two On Tue, 03 Nov 1998 10:49:49 +1300, Steve Rice
<s.rice at> wrote:

>Yoonsuk Park wrote:
>> Hi, everyone,
>> Our lab is going to buy a refrigerated microfuge, and thinking to choose
>> one between IEC product (Supplied by Fisher) and Eppendorf product.  Is
>> there anyone who has experience with these products?  If you do, do you
>> think it's worth to pay $2,000 more for Eppendorf one?
>> YP
>We have a number of both kinds of microfuges. The problem I find with
>the IEC ones is that the rotor lids are poorly made and periodically
>disintegrate, which usually destroys the tubes being spun at the time.
>Steve Rice
>Genesis R&D Corp.

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