DNA extraction - formalin fixed eggs

Iladol iladol at aol.com
Mon Nov 2 16:37:10 EST 1998

>    Does anyone know of a protocol for DNA extraction from fish eggs? - so
>far I have only used the standard phenol/chlorofrom extraction method but
>with little success. The eggs have been preserved in formalin for 1 year. Is
>there any hope?!.
>Linda Sullivan
>University College Dublin
>Dublin 4

We at BioServe think we have probably extracted DNA from every source.
This is very interesting.
We probably could try our techniques on a couple of yr. samples and work on the
rest later.
We could work on the samples free of cost and give you a quote for the rest.
I could give you a few references if you wish to check us out.
If using a company to extract your DNA is not a feasible option, then  I wish
you good luck and hope that you will share the protocol for extraction with the
rest of us.
PS We did a few hundred extractions from Shrimp and Prawn. Is this similar???

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